Withaspoon Studios



Our first game, Rememory, was released today and is available on the AppStore.


Rememory has been submitted to Apple for review. Let's cross our fingers and hope for acceptance.


Rememory is a puzzle game that combines the brain-bending aspect of Concentration with the vertical playing field of TetrisĀ® into a new kind of finger-friendly entertainment.

The gameplay is simple but addictive and challenging. Match bricks of the same color in pairs, triplets or more, and use multicolored bricks to create even longer combos! When the going gets tough, use your accumulated Destructo! to even the playing field! With every new level comes greater challenges!

Challenge your memory, top the high score and let Rememory puzzle your mind and entertain your fingers!


  • Arcade style gameplay
  • Distinctive, playful art direction
  • Retro 80's video game soundtrack
  • Unique combination of two classic games
  • Different levels with increased difficulty
  • Surprisingly addictive!

Rememory is available now on the App Store for $1.99!